CDB and CodeGen collaborate to expedite sustainable mobility in Sri Lanka

  • January 4, 2024
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For encourage a comprehensive ecosystem for EVs, Collaboration agreement is signed with CodeGen.
The Shift Concept Centre was established as a historic project to quicken CDB's sustainable mobility solutions. 

Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) established the e Shift Concept Centre in an effort to quicken the company's sustainable mobility solutions, which are concentrated under the Net Zero vertical of CDB's Sustainability Agenda. CDB is steadfast in its pursuit of the green economy.

This had its origins in a collaboration contract that CodeGen International Ltd. and CDB signed. Recently, CodeGen Chairman/CEO Dr Harsha Subasinghe and CDB Managing Director/CEO Mahesh Nanayakkara signed the agreement.
In order to promote electric vehicles (EVs) and solar energy solutions in Sri Lanka, CDB, in collaboration with international and local partners, established the Haritha Coalition as part of its Sustainability Agenda. Therefore, the e Shift Concept Centre is just one more of the forward-thinking actions made by this Coalition, of which chargeNET, a division of CodeGen International that provides electricity to the charging stations at the Centre, is a partner. This partnership expedites CDB's sustainable mobility solutions by advancing an all-encompassing EV ecosystem with an emphasis on information exchange, EV conversion, and charging.
The goal of the e Shift Concept Centre, which is situated at Green Path, Colombo 7, is to inform people who are interested in sustainable mobility while piquing public curiosity and igniting excitement about EVs in Sri Lanka. The Centre will be a driving force behind a sustainable transition in Sri Lanka's transport industry, which has historically relied on fossil fuels, by raising awareness about the mindful switch from fossil fuel-based to electric vehicles. In order to ease this transition, the Centre will also provide state-of-the-art EV charging facilities, improving the ease of use and accessibility of charging electric vehicles and fostering the expansion of Sri Lanka's EV ecosystem. With more than a million fossil fuel-powered three-wheelers in use in Sri Lanka, CDB and CodeGen will begin converting three wheelers into EVs.
The solar-powered centre features seven charging stations, two conversion bays, and two fast charging stations dedicated to three-wheelers—a first for Sri Lanka. There will be additional EV parking spaces available at the Centre.
Mahesh Nanayakkara commented on the partnership and noted that the CDB Sustainability Agenda's Net Zero Pillar includes accelerating sustainable mobility solutions as a major vertical. "We have pledged to expedite sustainable mobility solutions as a responsible corporate steward by supporting EVs and EV infrastructure, as well as knowledge sharing. There are more than a million three-wheelers on the road, and the health risks they pose to drivers—carbon emissions, oil spills, and noise pollution—all contribute significantly to climate change. It is impossible to overstate the long-term good effects that this initiative can have.
Nanayakkara went on to say that along with the benefits come difficult challenges. "There is a long list of expenses that include the cost of conversion, payable duties, cost of funds, and customer conviction to convert vehicles. However, we are confident and determined to follow this route with the support of organizations and individuals who share our values worldwide, joining us in our pursuit of a greener economy. Climate change and global warming are now global emergencies requiring immediate attention, not just global crises.
Dr. Harsha Subasinghe expressed excitement about the collaboration between CDB and CodeGen International, saying, "Together, we're revolutionizing the three-wheeler industry and pioneering a sustainable Sri Lanka powered by EVs." We are transforming the future of transportation, one car at a time, by exchanging knowledge about electric vehicles, conversions, and charging options. When we work together, we're not just trailblazers in creating a greener, more environmentally conscious Sri Lanka.