Nippon Paint Lanka introduces the latest colour matching system for vehicle refinishing.

  • January 4, 2024
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The sole six-angle spectrophotometer in Sri Lanka that guarantees perfect colour matching. 
The most recent six-angle spectrophotometer from Nippon Paint Lanka was just released, allowing for precise colour matching during auto refinishing. 
This six-angle spectrophotometer, the first of its kind in Sri Lanka, guarantees 100% colour accuracy. 

Nippon Paint Lanka General Manager Nemantha Abeysinghe stated, "We are happy to announce that we already have the Premila 2k machine in the market and today we are launching the n-MAX 2k machine along with the six-angle spectrophotometer to enhance the capacity of our offering to the consumers." "The n-MAX 2k device is specifically made for fixing accidents. With the help of the six-angle spectrophotometer, which functions as a scanner, we can create and match colours using the software from both the Premila 2k and the n-MAX 2k machines. As of right now, it is the only six-angle spectrophotometer in the nation. This scanner is perfect for all kinds of vehicles, including commercial and passenger vehicles, and it will guarantee 100% accuracy in matching colours. 

Based on European technology, Nippon Paint created the n-MAX SB colour solutions, which feature a toner-to-toner system and a wide variety of toners. It provides accurate and simple colour matching, making it the ideal choice for refinish repair centres. Key features include the most recent 6-angle spectrophotometer on the market, advanced colour retrieval tools for formulations, Paint Partners available online, offline, or through the mobile app, and more than 20,000 formulations available in the database with more than 12,000 unique formulae, setting new standards in the industry. Despite having a large portfolio, the initial set of toners requires a very small investment. A skilled technical team and a Colour Helpline for immediate assistance are also available for technical support. 

The n-MAX SB is a top-tier European technology system that comes with a high-end tinting solution and is reasonably priced. With its wide range of tones, it offers straightforward costing proposals, advanced colour retrieval systems, and ease of colour matching. It is enhanced by a variety of ancillaries, such as Nax Pro EZ, which offers high productivity and performance at an affordable price. The car refinishing business in Sri Lanka will undergo a revolution thanks to Nippon Paint Lanka's introduction of the six-angle spectrophotometer, Abeysinghe continued.